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The OTT Hub

LiveRamp’s OTT Hub seeks to make OTT inventory more easily accessible and discoverable to buyers. The OTT Hub is an audience-based marketplace that enables agencies and brands to find and access high-quality and unique OTT inventory.

Buyers can leverage their data already at LiveRamp, or access pre-curated audiences. The OTT Hub produces forecasts to facilitate Deal IDs or Programmatic Guarantees. Activation continues to occur in the buyer’s DSP. We automate the activation of Deal IDs and devices for a seamless experience.

In the OTT Hub, programmers can build audiences to match against the universe of devices that have been configured for their account, and then display those audience to buyers by publishing them in the OTT Hub Audience Gallery. Programmers can also respond to buyers directly for any custom requests.

Buyers browse for audiences in the Audience Gallery and then contact programmers for a Deal ID (via the contact info listed in the Audience Gallery) and to arrange for distribution to their desired DSP. Programmers then distribute the audiences on behalf of buyers.


OTT Hub is a new product that we're offering. You can reach out to your LiveRamp representative to get more information.