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Announcement: TikTok to be a Data Marketplace Advertiser Direct Destination (3/8/23)

We are excited to announce that, starting March 14, 2023, TikTok will be a Data Marketplace destination as a part of our Advertiser Direct Solution (which also includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn).

For data buyers, if you already have the appropriate agreement with us that includes TikTok as a destination, you can start activating third-party data from the Data Marketplace on TikTok starting March 14 following our standard Advertiser Direct workflow (for instructions, see “Implementing LiveRamp's Advertiser Direct Solution”). If you don’t have an agreement in place that includes TikTok, contact your LiveRamp representative.

For data sellers, data buyers are still responsible for the distribution process. Action is only required from you if you are creating custom segments for the data buyer (for information, see “Distribute Custom Segments to Data Buyers”). If you do not want your data to be available on TikTok, create a support case, or contact your LiveRamp representative.