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ATS Direct for Marketers

ATS Direct enables brand marketers to activate their people-based segments on their favorite publisher websites through direct deals with those publishers. This allows you to bypass the typical SSP (supply-side platform) workflow and establish a direct deal partnerships with publishers. The segments are targeted on RampIDs, our person-based, pseudonymous identifiers.


ATS Direct is currently in closed beta for major publishers using Google Ad Manager (GAM).

To see a list of publishers currently working with ATS Direct:

  1. From the Connect navigation menu, click New Destination Account.

  2. Find the ATS Direct destination tile (either by scrolling through the available destinations or by using the search bar) and then click Activate.

Integration tiles for the available publisher integrations are displayed.

The typical ATS Direct workflow contains the following steps:

  1. You negotiate the terms of the deal with the publisher (outside of LiveRamp).

  2. After a deal has been settled, you send the agreed-upon segment to the publisher's account in LiveRamp Console:

    1. You activate the publisher's destination account within the ATS Direct destination in Connect.

    2. You distribute the segment to that destination account.

    For instructions, see the "Send the Segment to the Publisher" section below.

  3. The publisher gets a notification that you've sent segments to their Console account and activates the deal.

  4. You get an email notifying you that the deal has been approved.

  5. The identifiers for the records in your segment are matched to the RampIDs of authenticated users on the publisher's websites.

  6. The publisher creates a line item in GAM targeting the deal (segment id) in custom targeting and configures the campaign.

Example Scenario

Wilbur is a media buyer at ACME Corp and wants to run a campaign targeting all of his customers that bought a slow juicer in the last year. Maeve is an account manager at Awesome Publishing, which is a Comscore 100 publisher with many logged in users. Awesome Publishing is looking to strengthen their relationships by offering their clients more added value by running direct campaigns. 

To get the Slow Juicer campaign started, Wilbur sends Maeve an email with the specifications of the campaign he is looking to run. To get the best result on the campaign Maeve suggests running a direct campaign targeted at ACME’s Slow Juicer Segment. Wilbur and Maeve agree upon the campaign start/end date, budget, and CPM price. Already being a LiveRamp customer, Wilbur goes to LiveRamp Connect, activates the “Awesome Publishing” destination integration under ATS Direct, and then distributes his “Slow Juicer Segment”.  

A few minutes later, Maeve receives an email from LiveRamp Console informing her that a new deal has arrived. In the ATS Deals section in LiveRamp Console, Maeve sees that ACME has sent over segment id “123456”, and she then clicks “activate” to activate the deal.

Wilbur gets a confirmation email from LiveRamp that Maeve activated the deal and he opens a bottle of champagne. In Google Ad Manager, Maeve now creates a line item and uses Custom Targeting to target the campaign at key value “123456”. The campaign is yielding fantastic results and ACME Corp sells thousands of their newest kitchen appliances.

Send the Segment to the Publisher

After you've negotiated the terms of the ATS Direct deal with the publisher, you need to send the agreed-upon segment to the publisher's account in LiveRamp Console:


We do not recommend sending segments to publishers unless you've already negotiated a deal with that publisher.

  1. If you haven't already, activate the publisher's ATS Direct destination account by following the instructions in "Activate a New Destination Account", with these additional guidelines:

    1. When choosing the destination, search for either "ATS Direct" or the publisher name and then select the destination tile for your desired publisher ("[publisher name] - ATS Direct").

    2. If there are multiple integration tiles, choose the appropriate integration tile for your region.

    3. You don't need to enter an end date, but you can if you wish.

    4. Do not uncheck the check box for RampID under Identifier Settings.

  2. Distribute the segment to the destination account by following the instructions in "Distribute Data to a Destination".

After you've distributed the segment, it takes approximately 1-3 days for the segment to appear in the publisher's Console account (24 hours or less once the Connect delivery job has completed).