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Distribute Data to a Destination

Once you've activated a destination account, follow the steps below to distribute data to that destination:


Keep our recommended destination account limits in mind:

  • Maximum of 1,000 segments distributing in one destination account

  • Maximum of 500 segments added for distribution to a destination account per hour

  1. From the Connect navigation menu, click Destination Accounts to navigate to the Destination Accounts page and then click MANAGE on the desired destination account tile to navigate to the Segment Distribution page for that destination account.

    DA tile manage button.jpg


    By default, the list of destination accounts is initially filtered to show only active destination accounts. To access a destination account that is not active, adjust the filter setting.

  2. From the Segment Distribution page for that account, select the segments to distribute to this destination by checking the check boxes to the left of the segment name.



    For Data Marketplace destination accounts, this will be the Data Marketplace Segment Distribution page.

    Several options can be used:

    • Distribute segments or fields: You can select an entire field to distribute—for example, if you want to distribute the AGE field for all different available ages. You can also choose to distribute an individual segment (field/value pair), such as AGE:42 by clicking the caret to the left of the field name and then checking the check box for the desired value.


      Many destination platforms cannot accept raw fields, so if you distribute a raw field to one of those platforms the delivery will fail. For more information, see "Raw Field".

    • Filter by audience: You can use the Audience dropdown to filter the segment list by audience.

    • Filter with labels: You can use the Label drop-down list to filter the segments based on any labels that have been applied to them. Labels can be useful when you have a large number of segments that you want to distribute to multiple destinations.

    • Filter by inactive status: You can use the Active/Inactive dropdown to view only segments that are not currently being distributed to this destination account (“inactive” segments).

    • Distribute Data Marketplace segments: To distribute Data Marketplace segments that LiveRamp will track usage and bill for, either select "Data Marketplace" from the drop-down list or enter the Data Marketplace segment IDs in the search field.


      You can select and distribute up to 145 specific Data Marketplace segments at one time by pasting a comma-delimited string of Data Marketplace segment IDs, enclosed by brackets (for example, "[id1,id2,id3,...]").


    To add segments that have been uploaded to a particular audience, and all the segments that will be uploaded later to that audience, create a case in the LiveRamp Community portal to make that request.

  3. Click Add to Distribution to start the distribution of your selected segments.



For campaigns with a predetermined duration: Utilize an end date for the destination account to help reduce the chance that distributions run after a campaign has ended and reduce the possibility of being charged for more data than you actually used. See "Announcing End Dates for Destination Accounts (7/2/19)" for more information.

You should see your data in the destination platform within 2-3 days. To check on the delivery status, see “View Delivery Status”. If your data are not showing up at the platform, see “Troubleshoot Distributions to Destination Accounts” or resend the active segments.


It typically takes another 1-3 days after the data appears in the destination platform for stats to calculate and populate within Connect.

See “How LiveRamp Refreshes Distributed Data” for more information on how your distributed data can be refreshed.


If you want to be able to resend all active segments for a particular destination account on your own, LiveRamp can enable this ability for you. Create a support case in the LiveRamp Community portal to have this enabled. See "Resend Active Segments" for more information.