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Selling Data with the Data Marketplace

LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace empowers data sellers to maintain full control of their data and easily navigate emerging market challenges. This results in increased data usage for segmentation, measurement, and activation across 600+ platforms.


In APAC countries and regions, data sellers are referred to as “data partners”.

Data Marketplace segments can be based on offline data (PII identifiers, such as name, postal address, email address, and phone number) or online data (such as mobile device IDs or cookies).

Data Marketplace segments can be sold in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace and in destination platforms that accept third-party segments for syndication. In addition, you can use the Data Marketplace to create and share custom segments for specific data buyers.

Many of the steps to sell data are similar to the steps for our Onboarding workflow, such as creating and uploading your data files, activating the destination accounts you need to distribute segments to platforms, and distributing segments. The key difference for data selling is that you'll need to enable your first-party data segments as Data Marketplace segments by providing segment information (such as segment name, permitted use cases, and price).

For a detailed overview of the data selling workflow, see "Getting Started with Data Selling".

For instructions on the various steps of the process, see the links in "Getting Started with Data Selling" and the articles in this section.


  • For more information on the benefits of selling data with the Data Marketplace, see this one pager.

  • If you don't have access to the Data Marketplace tab in Connect, contact your LiveRamp representative or email