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View the Status of Data Marketplace Segments

Data sellers can view the status of Data Marketplace segments that data buyers have requested and/or distributed on the Data Marketplace - Distribution Status page. You can use this view to see which data buyers are buying your segments, which segments are performing well, and which segments have been requested but not yet distributed.


The available column headings (and how to change which ones are displayed) are listed below.

View Segment Status

To view segment status:

  1. From the Data Marketplace navigation menu, click Sell Data to navigate to the Data Marketplace - My Segments page, or click the Sell Data tile from the Welcome page.

    Sell Data menu selection--40.jpg
  2. Click Distribution Status to navigate to the Data Marketplace - Distribution Status page.

    Distribution Status button.jpg
  3. If desired, use the search bar in the upper left to search by segment name or ID.

    Distribution Status search button.jpg
  4. If desired, use the filters at the top to filter by:

    • Segment status (distributing or requested only)

    • Destinations (for segments that are distributing, you can choose all destinations or a specific destination)

    • Requester name

    • Segment types (standard or custom)

    Distribution Status filters.jpg
  5. If desired, set a start date and end date depending on the request date (for segments that aren't being distributed) or initial distribution date for the segments.

    Distribution Status date boxes.jpg
  6. If desired, sort the segments displayed by one of the allowed column headings (sortable columns have a down arrow to the right of the column heading).

  7. To see additional segment details, click the "more info" icon (the three dots) on the right side of the row for the segment you want to see details for.

  8. If desired, click the download icon in the upper right to download an Excel file showing all displayed segments.

    Distribution Status download button.jpg


Seeing the same segment multiple times? A given segment might show up multiple times if it has been requested by multiple data buyers. A given combination of segment, requester, and destination might also show up multiple times if the requester is distributing multiple identifier types to that destination.

Available Column Headings

The following columns can be enabled for the segments displayed:

  • Segment Name: The full name of the segment

  • ID: The segment ID

  • Requester: The name of the data buyer who requested the segment

  • Destination: For segments that are distributing, the name of the destination

  • Type: For segments that are distributing, the identifier type (CID, cookies, iOS devices, or Android devices)

  • Status: Requested or distributing

  • Requested: For segments that are distributing, the date the segment was requested

  • Initial Distribution: For segments that are distributing, the date that distribution started.

The column headings displayed can be changed by clicking the settings (gear) icon in the upper right and then checking or unchecking the desired headings.

Distribution Status gear icon.jpg