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Create an ATS Configuration

Provide instructions to our JavaScript code based on your site configuration.

To create an ATS configuration for web:

  1. Log in to Console via

  2. From Console, select the "ATS" tab.

  3. Select the Web tab.

    The Configurations table is displayed.

  4. Click New.

  5. Enter a configuration name.

  6. Select the desired placement to tie the configuration to.

  7. Click Create.

  8. In the row for the new configuration, click the three dots and then select "Edit."

  9. Configure ATS for your site:

    • Configure how identifiers are obtained: Specify whether you pass identifiers directly to the ATS JavaScript, or detect them from on-page or in-URL (see "Configure How Identifiers are Obtained").

    • Configure ATS settings: Configure options for identity envelope storage, additional modules, logging behavior, etc. (see "Configure Envelope Settings").

  10. Install ATS (see "Install and Test" for instructions).

  11. When you're finished configuring and are ready to publish the configuration, click Publish.


    To save your work before publishing the configuration, click Save Changes. After you save your configuration, you will need to return later to publish your configuration.