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Our Documentation Sites

The following documentation sites provide guides and other information about LiveRamp Console products.

Main Console Documentation

The main publisher products documentation site ( includes features that are implemented or configured using the LiveRamp Console. Most of these guides are aimed at non-technical users.

The main Console documentation contains guides on:

Developer Documentation

Our developer documentation contains guides for more technical implementation methods. These documentation sites are designed to allow developers to test our API endpoints.

We have two developer documentation sites:

  • ATS API Documentation: Contains guides on ATS API implementation and its extension products (FB CAPI and ATS Direct).

  • PreferenceLink: Contains guides on how to integrate with PreferenceLink and requires developers to make some API calls.

Identity Documentation

The identity documentation site acts as the main entry point for all LiveRamp customers who want information on LiveRamp identity and identity solutions. It explains how LiveRamp manages identity resolution, identity translation, and embedded identity in cloud environments and contains guides on the ATS Mobile SDK for Android or iOS. You can access this site at

The identity documentation provides background whether you are working primarily with LiveRamp APIs or through the LiveRamp Console. Learn how to maximize your inventory with other LiveRamp solutions.