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LiveRamp North America ATS Review Criteria

This document provides clarity to U.S. and Canad adopters of the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) on what LiveRamp will review prior to implementation.


The content of this document does not constitute legal advice, and adopters of ATS must have a direct consumer relationship. Companies without such relationships, such as exchanges or martech companies, must refer upstream partners directly to LiveRamp for reviews.

Requirements for Web and Mobile App Privacy Policies

  • Privacy policy must be in an accessible location on the landing page of the site (cannot be hidden under ad layers, impeded by inifinity scroll, etc.)

  • State that the company may collect and share user data with service providers or third parties to provide digital advertising services to the Publisher.

  • Include a direct link to a LiveRamp opt-out:

    • For global coverage:

    • For U.S. and Canada only:

    • Other accepted links for U.S.: (DAA1), (DAA2), (DAA token-based opt out)

    • Other accepted links for Canada: (DAA CA1), (DAA CA2), (DAA token-based opt out)

Suggested Privacy Policy Language for ATS

For Canada implementation, we recommend you to add a privacy policy in French if your website has a dedicated page in French.


If you want to enable ATS in other English-speaking countries on top of the U.S., use the recommended language in Universal Privacy Policy Language instead.

English (U.S. and Canada)

“When you use our [XXXX], we share information that we collect from you, such as your email (in hashed form), IP address, or information about your browser or operating system, with our identity partners/service providers, including LiveRamp Inc. LiveRamp returns an online identification code that we may store in our first-party cookie for our use in online, in-app, and cross-channel advertising and it may be shared with advertising companies to enable interest-based and targeted advertising. To opt-out of this use, please click here (”

French (for Canada)

"Lors de votre navigation sur nos sites web et/ou applications mobiles, nous pouvons partager avec nos partenaires publicitaires des données que nous recueillons auprès de vous, telles que votre adresse email (sous forme hachée), votre adresse IP, votre identifiant publicitaire mobile et des informations sur votre navigateur ou système d’exploitation. Ces partenaires utilisent ces informations pour créer un code d’identification en ligne placé dans notre cookie et qui peut être partagé avec d’autres partenaires publicitaires afin de personnaliser les publicités en fonction de vos intérêts, tout au long de votre expérience en ligne. Pour vous opposer à l’utilisation de vos données personnelles, cliquez ici ("