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Add a New Dataset to the Active Taxonomy

If you've added a new dataset to Safe Haven, you must add that dataset to the active taxonomy before the data in that dataset can be used in Customer Profiles:

  1. Make a different taxonomy the active taxonomy (see "Make a Taxonomy the Active Taxonomy").


    You cannot edit the active taxonomy.

  2. Edit the original taxonomy in the UI and add the desired dataset:

    1. On the Taxonomies page, select the check box for the taxonomy you want to edit.

    2. From the icons that appear in the footer area, click the Edit icon C_CS-edit_icon_only.jpg.


      The Edit Taxonomy page displays.

    3. Click Dataset Selector.

    4. From the dialog that appears, expand the appropriate folder until you see the desired dataset.

    5. Select the check box for the desired dataset and then click Confirm.

    6. Once you're done editing the taxonomy, click Save Taxonomy.

  3. Make that taxonomy the active taxonomy again.