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Make a Taxonomy the Active Taxonomy

The taxonomy that you set to "active" becomes the taxonomy that provides the data in the My Data folder that you can use during audience building. The active taxonomy is always displayed in the first row of the table. It is also indicated by a star icon (LSH-Taxonomies_Active-icon.png) to the left of the taxonomy name, and the row for the active taxonomy appears in green.


You cannot edit the active taxonomy. If you want to edit the active taxonomy, first make another taxonomy the active taxonomy. After editing, make the taxonomy the active taxonomy again.

Procedure. To activate a different taxonomy:
  1. In the left navigation bar, click Safe Haven and then click Taxonomies.

  2. On the Taxonomies page, select the check box for the taxonomy you want to activate.

  3. From the action menu that appears in the footer area, click Activate LSH-Taxonomies_Activate-button.png.

  4. From the confirmation dialog that appears, click Activate.


The newly activated taxonomy now provides the data in the My Data folder on the Audiences page and the Audience Builder page.