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Analytics Library

The Safe Haven Analytics Library is a collection of analytical dashboards to help understand the business performance and shopping behaviors of your business and your brand buyers. The Analytics Library provides detailed insights on what's happening in your market (categories, brands, and products) to help you make better decisions, target the right shoppers, and measure the impact of your investments.


Your access to Analytics Library reports depends on:

  • Your company's Safe Haven implementation

  • The country from which you connect to your Safe Haven tenant

Tasks You Can Perform

You can use the Analytics Library to securely do the following:

  • Interact with insightful reports gathered in themes and sub-themes, such as the Shopper Insights theme and its Loyalty sub-theme.

  • Send segments of shoppers to Customer Profiles or the Analytics Environment by clicking Export ID List on reports.

  • Save the audience directly in the dashboards depending on your needs.

Dashboard Features

Each dashboard contains multiple features to help you gain more insights into the data. For example, you can hover over a bar or click on one to drill down into each data. Below are some of the dashboard features to help you work effectively with the Analytics Library:

Chart Icons

Learn what each icon within the dashboard does below:

  • pan.png: Move around the chart where applicable

  • box_zoom.png: Zooms in on the whole chart

  • Box_select.png: Selects multiple objects in the chart

  • wheel_zoom.png: Zooms in on specific areas

  • tap.png: Activates or deactivates chart selections

  • reset.png: Resets charts to default or previous upper level

  • save.png: Saves the chart to your PC

  • Hover.png: Activates or deactivates the hover-over tooltips


On the right-hand side of the dashboard screen, you can filter the data based on the following fields:

  • Taxonomy (Global or Local)

  • Currency (EUR or Local Currency)

  • Time Period

  • Country

  • Supplier

  • Store / E-commerce

  • Channel

  • Class

  • Category

  • Sub-category

  • Brand

Once you've added the filters, click Refresh Data to display the result. You can also save the filters you’ve added by clicking Save Filters to ensure the same filter will be applied the next time you open the dashboard.

Save Audience

On some dashboards, you can quickly take action by saving the audience based on the data shown. To do this, simply click on the data displayed (such as a bar representing a specific brand), and scroll up to see the Select Audience button. See an example of how you can take advantage of this feature in the scenario below.

Based on the data displayed in the "Share Equation" dashboard, Brand A has lost share value due to a large loss of shoppers. According to the data displayed in the “Source of Business” dashboard, these shoppers primarily went to buy Brand B, C, and D. You can click on these brands and save the audience for media communication purposes.

Formula and KPIs

Most of the information regarding the data calculation is available on each dashboard's page. To make sure our formula stays secure, we currently are not able to display all information publicly in this documentation portal. Contact our support team if you have any questions about the Analytics Library.