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The Tables & Views Page

View or create a permission for the tables and views marked by your Analytics Environment.

Once an Analytics Environment user in your account tags a table or view for a data permission in BigQuery, that table or view appears on the Tables & Views page.



An Analytics Environment user can tag the table or view in BigQuery for creating a permission by adding a label with a key of "permission" and a value of "ready." For information, see "Marking a Table or View for Data Permissions."

From this page, a user with the LSH Admin persona can:


Once the permission reaches the end date, the table or view will be deleted from the partner's Analytics Environment. However, any data contained in tables, audiences, or any other file types that use the original table or view cannot be deleted.

To access the Tables & Views page:

In the left navigation bar, click Tables & Views.


Click the caret to the left of the folder name to open the contents of that folder:


Actions You Can Perform on Tables and Views

If you select the check box next to a particular table or view, icons appear at the bottom of the page for you to perform actions on that table or view.