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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (2021-04-13)

This release provides improved navigation that will prepare Safe Haven to be unified with other LiveRamp applications in one UI.

Key changes to the navigation include:

  1. The account switcher icon at the top of the expanded left-hand navigation allows you to switch between multiple accounts.

  2. The Safe Haven icon used to access all of Safe Haven's features

  3. The expanded left-hand navigation menu provides links to the following features:

    1. The Welcome screen where you can access key feature tiles

    2. The Analytics Environment and Advanced Audience Builder

    3. Collaborate & Activate

    4. Measure & Report

    5. Manage Data

    6. Usage

    7. Settings

  4. The ? icon provides access to this help documentation and to the LiveRamp Community portal.

  5. Your user settings are now in the upper right-hand corner.

We welcome your feedback on this and other key usability initiatives we take to improve Safe Haven.