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Announcing Table and View Permissioning (8/5/20)

Safe Haven users now have a way to easily permission tables and views created in the Analytics Environment so that their partners can use that data in their Analytics Environment.

With these features you can:

  • Control which data are permissioned.

  • See what applications and use cases can be implemented in conjunction with that data.

  • Track what was permissioned and by whom.


Once the permission reaches the end date, the table or view will be deleted from the partner's Analytics Environment. However, any data contained in tables, audiences, or any other file types that use the original table or view cannot be deleted.

The process involves the following overall steps:

  1. An Analytics Environment user creates a table or view and tags it with a "permissioning" label in BigQuery so that it appears on the My Tables & Views page.

  2. An admin-level user permissions the table or view to a partner.

  3. The partner accesses the table or view in the Analytics Environment.


    The use cases are determined by the permissions that have been previously configured for the partner.

At any time, the data owner can view, edit, or revoke the permission from the Permissions Tracking page.