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Download File Info

To download a CSV file with file info on all of the files for the selected audience, click DOWNLOAD FILE INFO on the Files page.


The CSV file contains the following columns:

  • name: The name of the file.

  • import_name: The name of the import.

  • ingestion_date: The date the file was picked up by LiveRamp.

  • start_time

  • latest_time

  • import_type: Whether the import included a single file or multiple files. If the file that was imported at least 180 days ago and has been "compacted" to store it more efficiently, the type will be listed as "compacted".

  • import_type_name: The audience update method (incremental, segment refresh, or full refresh). For more information on audience update options, see "Ways to Update an Existing Audience".

  • row_count: The total number of rows in the file.

  • record_count: The number of unique records in that file, after deduplication.

  • column_count: The number of columns (or fields) in that file.

  • audience_id: The ID of the audience.

  • import_id: The ID of the import. Files that were part of the same import will have the same import ID.

  • file_id: The ID of the file.

  • errors

  • warnings

  • pause_reason

  • size: The size of the file in bytes.

  • status

  • ingestion_status: The file import status. See the appropriate section above (depending on whether the audience is an Activation Audience or an Measurement Enablement audience) for more information on the statuses and their definitions.

  • precision_level

  • file_transfer_id

  • status_history

  • expected_completion_time