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For most customers, technical support requests should be directed to our Support team via our LiveRamp Community portal.


If you're an end client (a client who buys LiveRamp services from a reseller platform), you do not have access to the LiveRamp Community portal. Contact your reseller platform for technical issues or questions.

Examples of technical requests include:

  • File formatting (you can also refer to "Uploading Data" and "Formatting File Data")

  • File uploads and transfers (you can also refer to the help articles in the "Getting Your Data Into LiveRamp" section)

  • Issues with the Connect UI (you can also refer to our Connect Video Series)

  • Data Marketplace segment troubleshooting

  • Tasks that require operational assistance (creating new audiences, setting up a new workflow, etc.)

  • General troubleshooting (importing files, delivery issues, and so on)

Non-Technical Requests

Non-technical requests should continue to be directed to your Account Director's email address.

Examples of non-technical requests include:

  • Scoping desired business objectives for a new workflow

  • Discussing terms for a new use of LiveRamp’s products or services

  • Questions about renewal and contracting

  • Questions about privacy reviews