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The My Lookalike Models Page


Lookalike modeling capabilities are only available to customers in our closed beta program and incur additional costs. This program is accepting new customers that meet certain qualifications. Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.

The My Lookalike Models page displays all the lookalike models that have been created in your account.

Connect My Lookalike Models Page.jpg

To access the My Lookalike Models page, click Lookalike Models in the Connect navigation menu.

My Lookalike Models menu selection.jpg

From this page you can:

  • View your lookalike models.

  • Create a lookalike segment from one of your lookalike models.

  • View the lookalike segments that have already been created from your models, including the segment size and other information. Click on the row for the desired model to open the details panel.

Column Descriptions

The My Lookalike Models page displays the following information for the lookalike models:

  • Seed Segment: The name of the seed segment that was used to create the model.

  • Created On: The date the model was created.

  • Expiration: The date the model will expire.


    Lookalike models automatically expire 30 days after creation.

  • Status: The status of the lookalike model:

    • Requested: The model is being prepared for processing. Lookalike segments cannot yet be created.

    • In Progress: The model has been requested but is still being processed. Lookalike segments cannot yet be created.

    • Ready: The model can be used to create lookalike segments

    • Expired: The model has expired and cannot be used to create new lookalike segments.

You can use the search bar to filter the models that are displayed.

To view more information on a particular model, or to create a new lookalike segment from that model, click that model’s row to display the lookalike model side panel.