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Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration

Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration is a planning tool that powers greater precision in data activation across channels and devices. With capabilities that increase data access to third-party data, users can enrich, scale, and analyze to ensure they’re building the right audiences to meet their objectives.


Lookalike modeling capabilities are only available to customers in our closed beta program and incur additional costs. This program is accepting new customers that meet certain qualifications. Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.

For customers who opt in to Customer Profiles, the following segment capabilities are available, depending on your specific contract:

  • Overlap analysis: You can overlap two or more of your first-party segments and certain Data Marketplace segments. This allows you to get a real-time estimate of the percentage of identities in the base segment that are also present in all of the comparison segments, as well as segment size stats. For more information on performing an overlap analysis, see “Perform an Overlap Analysis”.

  • Segment building: You can build a combination segment that combines your first-party segments and certain Data Marketplace segments. See "Build a Combination Segment with Customer Profiles" for more information.

  • Segment distribution: You can distribute a segment that you’ve built in Customer Profiles.

Enable Your First-Party Segments for Customer Profiles

To enable your first-party segments for Customer Profiles, follow the instructions in "Add Your First-Party Segments to Customer Profiles."


For segments that are not yet in LiveRamp’s system, use any of our standard methods to get your segments into LiveRamp.

Request Data Marketplace Segments For Customer Profiles

To perform an overlap analysis with a Data Marketplace segment, you must request the desired segment in the Data Marketplace. See “Request Data Marketplace Segments for Customer Profiles” for more information.


Only Data Marketplace segments that LiveRamp has enabled for the overlap stats necessary to provide analysis numbers can be requested for Customer Profiles.