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Getting Started with LiveRamp Identity

LiveRamp is committed to bringing a trusted identity foundation to modern data-first organizations to power accurate marketing strategy and execution.

Building a strong, connected identity foundation starts with knowing exactly who your customers are. From Customer Support to Marketing and Advertising, having the best understanding of your customers translates to a better customer experience, less wasted spend, and optimal business results.

Identity is complex. Legacy systems, customer service systems, e-commerce, and POS data, email engagement data, external data sets, and more—all in different formats and locations with no common unifying key. In addition to these major data silos, different teams leverage customer data differently.

Rooted in your first-party personally identifiable information (PII), LiveRamp can build a robust identity framework within your data foundations to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers. Our solutions build a single source of truth about the customer, connecting offline and online data sources with a durable, deterministic person-based ID that never fades, even as cookies decay. With LiveRamp, you can maintain maximum control over your data without the need to share hashed or sensitive raw PII data with third-party partners or platforms.

Overview of LiveRamp's Identity Solutions

LiveRamp's identity infrastructure can be implemented via various deployment methods and powers a number of use cases:

  • LiveRamp's offline identity resolution solution, AbiliTec, resolves your consumer PII into AbiliTec IDs via the AbiliTec API. This allows you to resolve your consumer PII across fragmented data sources into a unified view of customers to gain an accurate customer profile for your business and improve customer data management that powers effective customer engagement.

  • LiveRamp's RampID identity resolution solutions resolve identifiers into RampIDs (or identity envelopes containing RampIDs). This allows you to connect consumers' offline and online journeys across various touchpoints and devices into a unified view of those consumers. Resolve your data with one or more of LiveRamp's solutions for person-based activation and measurement to gain insights and efficiencies without relying on third-party cookies.

  • LiveRamp's identity translation allows you to translate identifiers from one identity space to another.

  • LiveRamp's Embedded Identity in Cloud Environments makes it safe and easy to resolve and translate identifiers directly where the data lives. Key use cases this unlocks for our clients include consolidation of customer data to a person-based view (across PII or device identifiers) and translation of identifiers to enable data collaboration or activation use cases.

  • LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) provides a privacy-first, PII authentication solution that improves programmatic addressability across the open web by providing an encrypted, persistent, people-based identifier (RampID) throughout the programmatic supply chain, starting at the inventory source.

Understanding LiveRamp Identity

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