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Troubleshoot Calls in ADX

If you receive an error response to either a call to initiate the operation or a call to initiate output file delivery in ADX, use the sections below to troubleshoot errors.

Troubleshooting Guide

Use the table below to understand and troubleshoot common errors you might receive in response to calls in ADX.

Error Category

Error Message

Step to Diagnose

Steps to Resolve

User / Role-related Errors


Check that the IAM user has necessary permissions.

Navigate to AWS IAM Console, locate the user, and attach the required permissions.

User / Role-related Errors

Could not connect to the endpoint URL

Check that the region is attached to the user or AWS profile.

Open AWS Console, go to 'My Account', and update the region to match with your ADX services.

User / Role-related Errors

500 Error (Lambda function failed to create a Job ID)

Ensure that the AWS region and user permissions are correct.

Double-check the region and permissions. If the issue persists, contact support with error details.

Region-related Errors

Asset not found (404)

Check that the asset and user are in the same region.

Verify the asset's region in ADX and update your user profile's region accordingly in the AWS Console.

Region-related Errors

Bucket region error

Verify the S3 bucket region.

Navigate to S3 Console, find the bucket, and confirm its region. Update settings if necessary.

Payload-related Errors

Missing or invalid target_column

Validate the request body for required parameters.

Review the API request body and include the missing `target_column`. Double-check against API documentation.

Payload-related Errors

Missing or invalid input_columns

Validate the request body for required parameters.

Review the API request body to include the missing `input_columns` and validate against API documentation.

Checklist to Verify Your Setup for LiveRamp Identity in ADX

To avoid errors, use the checklists in the sections below to verify that all the necessary native app setup steps have been successfully performed before executing an operation.

AWS Region Alignment

  • Region in Contract: Confirm that the AWS region you provided to LiveRamp during contract execution is consistent with your actual AWS services.

  • AWS CLI Region Check: Run aws configure get region to verify the AWS region for the IAM user or profile you're using.

IAM User and Permissioning

  • IAM User for ADX: Confirm that there is an IAM user configured specifically for ADX operations.

  • ADX Permissioning: Confirm that the IAM user has the required permissions for starting and polling jobs in ADX.

  • S3 Bucket Permissioning: Confirm that the IAM user has been granted read and write permissions for both the input and output S3 buckets.

S3 Bucket Setup

  • Input Bucket Configuration: Confirm that there is an S3 bucket exclusively dedicated for input files for LiveRamp processing.

  • Output Bucket Configuration: Confirm that there is a separate S3 bucket dedicated for output files from LiveRamp processing.

  • Bucket Policy Verification: Confirm that the bucket policies for the input and output buckets are aligned with LiveRamp's required permissions.

  • Bucket Accessibility Test: Execute aws s3 ls s3://<input-bucket-name> and aws s3 ls s3://<output-bucket-name> to verify IAM user access to the buckets.