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LiveRamp Identity in AWS

LiveRamp identity in AWS offers solutions that connect, resolve, and translate data. These solutions unlock person-based marketing capabilities while enabling interoperability, without needing to move your data or make calls outside of AWS.

LiveRamp identity in AWS consists of the following solutions:

  • Identity Resolution: This solution allows you to resolve disparate online identifiers (cookies, mobile device IDs, or CTV IDs) and offline identifiers (email addresses) to RampIDs, LiveRamp's pseudonymous person-based profile that unlocks 360-degree views of your customers. LiveRamp’s identity resolution in AWS is accessed in the Amazon Data Exchange (ADX Marketplace). For more information, see "Perform Identity Resolution Through ADX".

  • RampID Translation: Each RampID is encoded uniquely for each LiveRamp client. This solution allows you to translate partner-encoded RampIDs to unlock privacy-first data collaboration that powers people-based omnichannel analytics, segmentation building, and measurement across the digital ecosystem. This solution can be accessed using either of the following methods:

The overall steps to deploy each solution consists of the following:

  1. Contracting: You work with your LiveRamp representative to complete any necessary contracts. This might also include permission agreements with collaborating partners if you are performing RampID transcoding.

  2. Permissioning: LiveRamp provisions your access to our backend systems. After this process is complete, you receive credentials, which allow you to access the sollution.

  3. Deployment: You are guided through the deployment of the solution. Deployment specifics will depend on the product you have chosen to subscribe to. LiveRamp offers flexible deployment options for transcoding to best suit your infrastructure and use cases.