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Working with Deals

ATS Direct is a means of facilitating the safe transfer of segment data enabling marketers to activate their data in direct deals with publishers. Direct contact between stakeholders is generally required before you can start managing the deals in Console.

Always keep in mind of the workflow so you can work with ATS Direct effectively. Learn how ATS Direct should be used in real-life scenario below.

Example Scenario

Wilbur is a media buyer at ACME Corp and wants to run a campaign targeting all of his customers that bought a slow juicer in the last year. Maeve is an account manager at Awesome Publishing, which is a Comscore 100 publisher with many logged in users. Awesome Publishing is looking to strengthen their relationships by offering their clients more added value by running direct campaigns. 

To get the Slow Juicer campaign started, Wilbur sends Maeve an email with the specifications of the campaign he is looking to run. To get the best result on the campaign Maeve suggests running a direct campaign targeted at ACME’s Slow Juicer Segment. Wilbur and Maeve agree upon the campaign start/end date, budget, and CPM price. Already being a LiveRamp customer, Wilbur goes to LiveRamp Connect, activates the “Awesome Publishing” destination integration under ATS Direct, and then distributes his “Slow Juicer Segment”.  

A few minutes later, Maeve receives an email from LiveRamp Console informing her that a new deal has arrived. In the ATS Deals section in LiveRamp Console, Maeve sees that ACME has sent over segment id “123456”, and she then clicks “activate” to activate the deal.

Wilbur gets a confirmation email from LiveRamp that Maeve activated the deal and he opens a bottle of champagne. In Google Ad Manager, Maeve now creates a line item and uses Custom Targeting to target the campaign at key value “123456”. The campaign is yielding fantastic results and ACME Corp sells thousands of their newest kitchen appliances.

Managing Deals

In Console, you can see an overview of all deals and manage them.

To manage ATS Direct deals:

  1. From Console, select the "ATS" tab.

  2. Select the "Deals" tab.

  3. The ATS Direct Configurations table is displayed. Click on the configuration that you want to manage.

  4. Select the "Deals Selection" tab.

The Deals Selection tab displays all the deals and their status. Each deal represents a segment that has been transferred by the marketer. The deal ID represents the segment ID for the given marketer segment in Connect.


Approve or Reject a Deal

When a marketer has transferred their segment to ATS Direct, you can approve the deal and set up the deal activation period. You can also reject the deal. Newly transferred deals will be in Pending status by default.

  1. Click on a pending deal that you want to activate. The Deal Activation side panel displays.

  2. Set the Deal Status as Approved.

  3. Select the start and end date for the deal activation period, and click Submit.

  4. Click Save. The status of the deal will change to “Approved” and a synchronizing icon will be visible to inform you that the change has not been published yet.

  5. To synchronize the deal to the ATS Direct backend, click Publish.

Cancel a Deal

You can cancel a deal that has already been approved and is still active. To do this, on the Deal Selections tab, click on a deal with an Approved status and set the Deal Status as Cancel. Click Save.

Deal Status

Learn what each status means below:

  • Pending: The deal is still pending approval and the segments are not yet activated.

  • Approved: The deal has been approved and the segments are actively distributed.

  • Reject: The deal has been rejected by the publisher and the segments are not active.

  • Expired: The deal is past its activation end date and the segments are no longer active.

  • Cancel: The deal has been canceled after it was approved and the segments are no longer active.

Configure the Settings

To keep all parties up-to-date on the latest deal status, you can configure Console to send email notifications to selected recipients. On the Settings tab, you can also add the Google Ad Manager network code that you have retrieved from Google Ad Manager.


To keep all parties up-to-date of the latest deal status, you can configure Console to send email notifications to selected recipients.

A notification email can be sent to the publisher recipients when:

  • A new deal has arrived on the appliance.

  • A new deal has been activated.

A notification email is always sent to the marketer when the marketer's deal has been activated.