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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (10/12/20)

We’ve released two new features to help you work smarter and faster:

Improved Tableau Report Creation Experience

Published tables in the Analytic Environment can now automatically appear as Tableau data sources, which can easily be assembled into new reports from within our integrated Reporting module. Now data analysts and data scientists will have a more streamlined experience to accomplish their tasks without having to externally log in to a remote Tableau Server. See “Building a Tableau Report” for more information.

Integrated Self-Serve LiveRamp Community portal

Now you can report issues faster and track responses with our built-in LiveRamp Community portal. See “Using the LiveRamp Community Portal” for more information.


We’re rolling LiveRamp Community portal access out to all of our clients internationally, but please check with your account team for the expected release date if you don’t see this yet in your environment.