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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (2021-12-01)

This release provides the following enhancements:

  • Improved collaboration: When you create data permissions for audiences and taxonomies, they are displayed on the Audiences page in the Permissioned Audiences folder and the Permissioned Taxonomy folder.

  • Lookalike model percentage: If needed for your modeling use case, you can set the segment size/percentage to less than 1%. See lookalike audiences.

  • Move audiences: The Audiences page includes a Move To action button Move_To_Button.png for moving selected audiences to another folder.

  • Schedule audience distributions: In addition to one-time and always-on, you can schedule the start and end dates of an audience distribution. If you select multiple audiences for a single distribution, you can apply a mix of schedules, one-time, and always-on if needed. The schedule will be displayed in the side panel for the distributing audience.


    See Distribute an Audience.

  • Time zones: Time and dates are consistently displayed based on your browser's settings. Downloaded files consistently express time and date in UTC.

  • Welcome page: The Welcome page styling is consistent with other LiveRamp products.


We welcome your feedback on this and other key usability initiatives we take to improve Safe Haven.