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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (2021-10-27)

This release provides the following enhancements:

  • Data access reporting:

    • You can receive email notifications based on data access thresholds and limits.

    • The report time span can be configured at the tenant level.

    To implement these features, create a Safe Haven case in the LiveRamp Community portal and specify the email addresses of the users you want to be notified or the report time span you want to use.

  • Distribution history: The Audiences page displays the user who distributed an audience on the DISTRIBUTION STATUS tab for the selected audience. If the distribution is set to Always-On, the user name is omitted for subsequent distributions.


    See View Distribution Status Details.

  • Lookalike modeling: In the U.S., the Uplift/Reach graph adjusts as you modify the segment size to show the intersection of the uplift ratio and reach. See lookalike audiences.

  • Creating a profile: When you save a new profile, it is displayed in edit mode so that you can add visualizations to it instead of being returned to the Profiling page. See Edit a Profile.

We welcome your feedback on this and other key usability initiatives we take to improve Safe Haven.