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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (2022-06-29)

The following collaboration updates apply to:

Create Permission

The Create Permission page includes three steps:

  • Details: Enter a unique name for the permission, select a collaboration partner, and specify the start and end dates.

  • Collaboration Rules: Select permission options, which are grouped by tabs: Audience Creation, Distribution, and Analytics.

  • Summary: This page allows you to review the options and use cases before creating the permission.

Distribution Options

  • The "Distribute using any of my partner's destination accounts" option is replaced with the ability to allow your partner to distribute data to any destination accounts or to pick specific destination accounts, including your partners' and ones they have permissioned to their partners.

  • The "Distribute using only specified destination accounts" option has been rephrased as "Specific destination accounts (select from list)."

We welcome your feedback on this and other key usability initiatives we take to improve Safe Haven.