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BigQuery is a data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google's infrastructure.

Use the BigQuery UI to create and manage BigQuery resources with your Analytics Environment data.


BigQuery is accessed from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console, which you open from the Analytics Environment virtual machine desktop.

You can use BigQuery's SQL editor capabilities to run and manage big data SQL jobs, including these uses:

  • Exploring your datasets, tables, and data

  • Running simple or complex queries

  • Collaborating (saving code and sharing code for reviews)

  • Building segments and saving them to Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration

  • Creating aggregate datasets for building reports

Your access to data in BigQuery depends on your persona:

  • Users with the LSH Data Analyst persona or the LSH Admin persona have access to non-aggregated data, aggregated data, and permissioned data.

  • Users with the LSH Data Scientist persona have access to aggregated data.

To start working in BigQuery, open a project in BigQuery.