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The Analytics Environment

LiveRamp’s Analytics Environment is a dedicated environment for data scientists and data analysts to access the data in their Safe Haven account.

The environment contains your data and the data scientist tools needed to process the data using a variety of methods:


Computer Requirements

To use the Analytics Environment, your computer or laptop will need:

Data Storage Locations

Data can be stored in the following locations:

  • Datasets (SQL databases)

  • Buckets (file object stores)

See "Analytics Environment Resources."

Tasks You Can Perform

You can use the Analytics Environment to securely perform the following:

  • Build segments:

    • Build segments in BigQuery using SQL-based business rules.

    • Build segments in PySpark using propensity modeling to estimate the likelihood of purchase.

    • Build segments with BigQuery ML using a linear regression model

  • Send segments to Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration:

    • Using SQL syntax (in BigQuery)

    • Using Python

  • Gain customer insights:

    • Create aggregated datasets

    • Create and publish reports

    • Analyze consumer behavior at the product level

    • Perform optimizations (recommendations for next campaign)

  • Measure:

    • Analyze return on ad spend (ROAS)

    • Set up and perform sales lift analysis