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Jupyter allows users to manipulate their Safe Haven data interactively using Python or PySpark. In addition to Notebooks, Jupyter provides a text editor and a command-line terminal.


  • Jupyter can be accessed either through the JupyterLab application or the Jupyter Notebook application. Both applications provide similar functionality. JupyterLab allows you to open several notebooks at the same time and customize its UI.

  • JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook can be opened from the Analytics Environment virtual machine desktop.

Tasks You Can Perform with Jupyter

Jupyter and its related applications can be used to perform the following tasks:


The H2O Python machine learning library is not supported by the latest Dataproc version.

Procedure. To start working in Jupyter:
  1. Open Jupyter.

  2. Create a PySpark Notebook.

  3. Create a PySpark Session.

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