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How Records are Assigned to Segments

Records are assigned to segments via the segment data information in the files you send.


See "Segment Data" for details on the different ways you might send segment data to create segments.

For example, after LiveRamp ingests your file, sets of distinct field/value pairings in a column-based file become segments that you can manage in your My Data folder on the My Audiences page.



  • What about fields with a lot of distinct values? Fields with more than 250 distinct values are considered "raw fields" and cannot be enumerated (broken out) into individual segments in Safe Haven.

  • What about segments that contain a small number of records? Due to privacy restrictions to prevent records that have been de-identified from being re-identified, limitations might apply. For our Onboarding workflow, segments must contain at least 25 records. Any segments containing fewer than 25 records will not be processed.