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Understanding Safe Haven

Safe Haven was designed to help brands by providing a neutral connectivity infrastructure for secure data management, activation, measurement, and collaboration between publishers, brands, and partners.

Safe Haven enables four universal use cases to facilitate better customer experiences:

  • Audience building: Combine your own data with partner data to create and amplify audiences for targeting and personalization

  • Controlled activation: Activate your data with pre-approved partners to personalize your message to your customers

  • Measurement: Bring together event-level conversion and exposure data to measure the impact of ad spend

  • Advanced insights: Unify disparate data sources to create a complete view of your customer for modeling and analytics

With LiveRamp Safe Haven, data can be securely shared and permissioned at a granular level:

  • Pseudonymize your data using RampID matching to remove directly identifiable personal data.

  • Once pseudonymized, data cannot leave the environment—a virtual desktop lockdown.

  • Permission data at the taxonomy-, audience-, and data view-level. Edit, limit, or revoke access at any time.

  • Share by use case: insights, modeling, combination, distribution, reporting, and analytics.


Safe Haven consists of two environments to allow marketers and data scientists to collaborate together to generate valuable insights:

Safe Haven environments overview diagram
  • Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration is the marketer workspace and can be used for audience building, insights, lookalike modeling, and activation. See "Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration."

  • Analytics Environment is the data scientist and data analyst workspace and can be used for advanced modeling, data analysis, and visualization. See "The Analytics Environment."

Each user can access the tools they need based on the permissions set by the system administrator as shown in the following chart:


See "Safe Haven User Personas" for information on the access given to each Safe Haven persona.