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Safe Haven Administration

Users with the Tenant Admin persona can manage users, enable data permissions, and perform other administrative tasks.

LiveRamp Access to Your Account

At times, members of your LiveRamp team might need access to manage Safe Haven users in your organization's account. LiveRamp always maintains some degree of visibility into the types of data that are sent into LiveRamp accounts to ensure all legal and contractual requirements are met.

With approval from your organization, your LiveRamp implementation manager might assist with user management during your implementation. For information, see "Provide a List of Initial Users".

When you need support or want us to troubleshoot any issues that arise, LiveRamp might need to grant temporary access to members of our Engineering or Support teams. We will only add users with your approval.

Any artifacts that are created in your account for support or troubleshooting purposes (such as segments, audiences, or taxonomies) will only be retained if they are needed to support a client demonstration or to allow you to copy or clone any artifacts for your own use. Once these artifacts are no longer needed, they will be deleted from your account.

Once the support or troubleshooting issue has been resolved, LiveRamp will remove the Engineering team's access and notify you that Engineering access has been removed.