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Announcing Improved Distribution Controls (11/17/20)

Not all campaigns are created equal. Some campaigns need a one-time distribution of an audience, while other campaigns might require frequent refreshes of the audience to deliver the best results. With this release, we’ve made it easier to distribute at the frequency that is best suited for each particular campaign.

Previously, distributions from Advanced TV were “one-and-done”. Once segments had been distributed to the partner destination, the counts were frozen. To send updated counts for the same segment logic, you needed to duplicate the audience, get refreshed counts, and then distribute that new audience.

Now, in addition to one-time distribution, you have additional distribution options.

Recurring Distributions

If you have certain audiences (segments) that will maintain consistency in build logic (meaning the same targeting logic) that you want matched regularly and delivered to your platform with updates, you can now set the distribution to “recurring” and set the cadence for the distributions.


Setting a recurring distribution will predetermine a schedule on which your pre-set targeting logic will be re-matched to the latest universe members (MVPD subscribers, OTT subscribers, or devices) and re-delivered against the same meta-data (audience name and ID) to the end platform.

You can set an audience to use a recurring distribution when you initially distribute the audience. You can also edit an existing distribution (to change the distribution type or cadence) at any time after the initial distribution. See "Edit a Distribution" for more information.


Recurring distributions require an expiration date so we know when to stop re-distributing the audience. Use the campaign end date to set the expiration date for a recurring distribution.


The Audience Details page now displays additional information, including distribution type, distribution date, and the next scheduled distribution date (for “recurring” distributions). By default, the page shows details for the most recent distribution. If there are previous distributions, the page also now includes a dropdown to select a previous distribution of that audience so that you can view the details for a particular distribution. See “View Audience Details” for more information.

Distribution Refreshes

You can now refresh and redistribute an audience at any time with the click of a button from the Audiences page.


Refreshing the distribution causes the match counts to be refreshed and the audience to be redistributed with the updated counts.

This might be useful if you discover that an audience that was initially distributed just once needs to be refreshed and redistributed. This might also be useful when your desired refresh cadence is more random or at a different frequency than the "once every [x] weeks" cadence that the "recurring" distribution type allows.

See “Refresh a Distribution” for instructions.


Refreshing a distribution does not change the distribution type or any scheduled distributions (for audiences that have been set to a "recurring" distribution) for that audience. To change the distribution type or cadence, follow the instructions in "Edit a Distribution."