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Getting Started

To get started with the Data Collaboration Platform, work with your LiveRamp representative to ingest your first-party data to your LiveRamp-hosted GCP project. Once your data are processed, a corresponding dataset appears in SQL Editor. Similarly, if your partner grants you permission to a data asset, it will appear in the Assets section of SQL Editor below your partner's name.


Once the Data Collaboration Platform has been enabled for your account, you can access the Data Collaboration Platform at the URL provided by your LiveRamp representative.

As you're getting started with the Data Collaboration Platform, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful. Use the articles in this section to understand how to use the Data Collaboration Platform and get help when you need it. Before you fully dive in, we recommend that you check the Product Limits and Guidelines so that you are aware of the best practices to ensure maximum performance of the Data Collaboration Platform.

We have a "Product and System Information" section on our documentation site.

In this section, you can find: