Check the Status of an Uploaded File

You can check the status of the files you've uploaded by checking the "Status" column on the Files page.

To navigate to the Files page, hover over MANAGE in the left navigation bar and then select "My Files". Select the desired audience from the Audience drop-down menu.


Don't need a particular file anymore? Admin users can delete a file from an audience on the Files page. See "Delete a File from an Audience" for more information.

Column Headings on the Files Page

The Files page table has the following columns:

  • The file type icon in the first column indicates whether a file is an uncompacted file (C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-uncompacted_icon.jpg) or a compacted file (C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-compacted_icon.jpg). See "Imported File Types" for more information on file types.


    Grouped files (files that were part of the same import as one or more other files) are not indicated by a specific icon.

  • FILE NAME is the name of the file.

  • DATE RECEIVED is the date that you uploaded the file.

  • STATUS indicates where your file is in the process. There are six stages:

    • C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-processing_status_icon.png Your data is being processed.


      There are several different steps to this, and it usually takes 1-3 days for this whole process to finish.

    • C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-been_processed_status_icon.png Your data has been processed but is not configured for delivery, or was overwritten by a more recently imported file.

    • Connect File Tracking Status black hourglass.jpg Your data has been processed and configured for delivery to your destination(s). Delivery should begin shortly.

    • C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-distributinging_status_icon.jpg Your data is in the process of being delivered to at least one destination.

    • C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-delivered_status_icon.png Your data has been delivered to at least one of your destinations.


      Not seeing your data on the destination platform? It might take 1–3 days in addition to our processing time for the destination platform to ingest your data.

    • C-Check_Status_of_Uploaded_File-failed_status_icon.png Something went wrong with the file processing, and we are working to fix it.

  • ROWS is the total number of rows in the file.

  • RECORDS is the number of unique records in that file, after deduplication. For example, John Doe, the cat lover and pasta eater, is a single record. However, John Doe also appears a few rows down in your file. If we determine that both instances of John Doe are the same person, we’ll merge those two records into one.


    "Unavailable" indicates that your stats are being calculated.

  • COLUMNS is the number of columns (or fields) in that file.


Want more information on a particular file? Click the "more info" icon (three dots) that appears on the right for that file's row to open a side panel that displays information on the file's status and progress.