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Determining the Audience to Upload Data To

An audience is a way to group your users within LiveRamp. In many cases, you might only need to have one audience.


Although having only one audience is often preferable, in some situations, you might want or need to create more than one audience. See “Determining the Number of Audiences to Create” and "Recommended Audience Limits" for more information.

However, if you have more than one audience, determine the audience to upload data to based on:

  • How you're organizing your data (for example, if you have multiple audiences for multiple brands or other categories)

  • The types of identifiers used in each audience (for example, PII identifiers or device identifiers)

  • The type of identifier each audience uses as its audience key

Once you've determined the audience to upload the data to, make sure the data do not exceed the recommended file limits.