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Considerations When Uploading the First File to an Audience

When you've created a new audience and you're uploading the first file to an audience, you'll need to create a support case so we can make sure your file is imported correctly. Depending on the type of audience and your situation, you might need to do this before uploading your first file or after (or both).

When to Create a Support Case

Create a support case before uploading the first file in these situations:

  • For all audiences containing online data (mobile device IDs, cookies, etc.)

  • For audiences containing offline data (PII) when you want to change from the default settings (a different audience key than the identifier with the highest fill rate, a precision level other than household, an audience update method other than incremental update, or fields that are multi-value fields)

Create a support case after uploading the first file in these situations:

  • For all audiences containing offline data (PII)

Creating a Support Case

Use one of the two available quick cases for "Set Up Audience for First File Upload" (depending on the audience type) to create a support case:

Include the following information in the description for each support case:


You can also choose to have all older files automatically deleted from the audience once they reach a certain age (this is one way to manage the size of an audience and to reduce costs if you're using the Records Under Management billing metric). To enable this option for the audience, include the following information in the support case:

  • The name of the audience you want the automatic file deletions to apply to

  • The number of days to be used for when files should be deleted (this can be any value, but many customers use 60 or 90 days)

For more information, see "Automatically Delete Older Files".

  • The name of the audience

  • The name of the first file

  • The identifier type for the audience (PII, cookies, mobile device IDs, etc.)

  • The column (or key) to use as the audience key

  • Whether any fields (columns) should be multi-value fields, as opposed to the default single-value fields (for more information, see "Multi-Value Fields")

  • The precision level (household is the default for offline (PII) audiences)

  • The audience update method (incremental update is the default)