Download a Destination Taxonomy

To see a mapping of segment IDs to fields and values for the segments that are being actively distributed to a specific destination account, download a destination taxonomy. This taxonomy is a .csv file that includes key information for each segment, depending on whether the segment is a first-party segment or a Data Marketplace segment.

This mapping can help when you are troubleshooting a distribution to a destination account.


Download Taxonomy button greyed out? This feature is only available for destinations accounts that include either only first-party segments or only Data Marketplace segments, as the taxonomies are different for each data type.


For information only: Do not send this human-readable taxonomy to a destination partner, as this is not what LiveRamp sends directly to the destination partner and sending this is against our data ethics policies. If the destination partner asks for a taxonomy, have the destination partner contact their LiveRamp representative.

Taxonomies for first-party segments include segment ID, field name, and value name for each actively distributing segment.

Destination Taxonomy New.jpg

Taxonomies for Data Marketplace segments (sometimes referred to as DMS, or data monetization service, segments) include segment ID (“DMS ID”), segment name (“DMS Name”), and price (“DMS Price”) for each actively distributing segment.



Not seeing a price? A Data Marketplace segment might not have a price associated with it if the data provider has not added one yet or if the segment was meant to be sent to a destination where pricing is based on CPM.

To download a destination taxonomy:

  1. Hover over OUT in the left navigation bar and then select “My Destinations” (or click the "Distribute Data" tile on the Connect home page) to navigate to the Your Destination Accounts page.

  2. On the desired destination account tile, click the MANAGE button that appears when you hover over the tile to open the Segment Distribution page (or Data Marketplace Segment Distribution page, for Data Marketplace destination accounts) for that account.

    DA tile manage button.jpg


    Which destination accounts are actively distributing? Destination accounts that are actively distributing have a green dot in the upper left corner of the tile.

  3. From the “More” drop-down list in the upper right of the screen, select “Download Taxonomy”.

  4. Once the download is complete, open the file to view it.