Remove Segments from Distribution

If you want to stop refreshing a segment that is distributing to a particular destination, follow the instructions below to remove a segment from distribution:


Removing a segment from distribution does not remove the segment from the destination, but stops segment refreshes. As the identifiers in the segment pass their expiration window, the segment eventually empties out. Work with the destination directly if you need them to remove the segment from the destination.

  1. Hover over OUT in the left navigation bar and then select “My Destinations” (or click the "Distribute Data" tile on the Connect home page) to navigate to the Your Destination Accounts page.

  2. From the Your Destination Accounts page, hover over the desired destination account tile and then click Manage.

    DA tile manage button.jpg
  3. Check the check box to the left of the segment name for the segment(s) you want to remove from distribution.



    You can use the Active/Inactive dropdown in the header bar to display only segments that are actively distributing to that destination account ("active" segments).

  4. Click Remove from Distribution to remove the selected segments from distribution.


    A confirmation message appears:

    Remove Segments success popup.jpg