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Once you've activated the appropriate destination account, you can add segments for distribution to that destination by going to the Segment Distribution page for the desired destination account.

The Segment Distribution page displays all of the segments available for distribution for that destination account:

  • For first-party data/Activation destination accounts, all of your available first-party data segments will be displayed.

  • For Data Marketplace destination accounts, all of your available Data Marketplace segments will be displayed.

See the articles in this section for information on distributing your data, viewing the status of your distributions, troubleshooting distributions, and managing your distributions.


Once you've distributed your data, it typically takes 1-3 days for the data to arrive at the destination platform and another 1-3 days for stats to calculate and populate within Connect. You can view the delivery status in Connect. If the data isn't showing up after this timeframe, you can also troubleshoot the distribution.

Lookback windows: By default, LiveRamp uses a 90-day lookback window for cookies and a 240-day lookback window for mobile devices for each destination account (the lookback window specifies the number of days since a cookie or mobile device was last seen by LiveRamp before it is excluded from deliveries). You can have us change the lookback window for a specific destination account by creating a support case (see "Using the LiveRamp Community Portal" for instructions). The following lookback window options are available:

  • Cookies: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days (the default), and 180 days

  • Mobile devices: 180 days and 240 days (the default)