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Enable Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audiences can only be enabled for Custom Audiences where data are delivered directly into a customer's Facebook account (LiveRamp's Direct Integration). By following the steps below, U.S. customers can use Lookalike Audiences for first-party data by distributing data via the “Facebook (U.S.) Direct Onboarding” integration.

Facebook Direct Onboarding Integration Tile.jpg


  • The Direct Integration also supports targeting and audience sharing, and so can be used as the primary onboarding integration for Facebook (unless you have multiple ad accounts or don't wish to give LiveRamp permission to manage campaigns in your Facebook Ad Account). See "Facebook Destination Account Integration Options" for more information.

  • Facebook does not allow Lookalike Audiences through managed integrations. You cannot use Lookalike Audiences with the "Facebook Managed Onboarding" integration.

For instructions on using the Facebook Direct Onboarding integration, see "Distribute First-Party Data to Facebook".


Integrations to enable Lookalike Audiences for customers in other countries will be released in the future.