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Onboarding Data from Mexico or Canada

Customers with first-party data on consumers in Mexico or Canada can onboard that data with LiveRamp in Connect or Safe Haven. Onboarding data on consumers in Mexico or Canada requires a separate contract and a separate account in Connect (or a separate primary tenant in Safe Haven) for each additional country. Contact your LiveRamp account representative for more information on getting started.

Data files containing data from Mexico or Canada can be formatted following our instructions for US data. You can use our usual methods to get your data into LiveRamp.

LiveRamp does not maintain an offline Identity Graph for PII from Mexico or Canada, so the best match rates will be achieved at destinations that support our Direct to Platform integration (where we pass through your hashed email addresses) or at destinations that transact on RampIDs. For more information, see the "Recommended Destinations" section below.


  • Google Customer Match data append is not available for data from Mexico or Canada.

  • Third-party Data Marketplace data is not available for activation in markets in Mexico or Canada. However, LiveRamp does support the licensing of data seller data in these markets. Contact your LiveRamp account representative for more information.

Supported Identifiers

You can include any of our normally-accepted identifiers in your data files, but we will only match on the following identifiers:

  • Email addresses: plaintext or hashed


    For distribution to our Direct to Platform destinations (such as GCM and Facebook), you must include SHA-256 hashed email addresses.

  • Name and Postal (NAP): plaintext

  • RampIDs

  • Mobile device IDs (MAIDs): plaintext or SHA-1 hashed

  • Cookies

Recommended Destinations

You can distribute data on consumers from Mexico or Canada to our usual destinations. However, your match rates will be significantly better with our Direct to Platform and RampID-enabled destinations.

For certain destinations and integrations, LiveRamp has a Direct to Platform integration (FKA "PII Passthrough") where we pass through hashed PII in a privacy-safe and compliant manner without performing matching (or any leveraging of our Identity Graph) on our end. This allows the destination to match the hashed PII to their universe of users.

For these destinations, you must include SHA-256-hashed email addresses in your data files and select the "Direct to Platform" version of the integration when activating the destination account. For more information, see "Direct to Platform Destination Integrations".

You can also distribute to RampID-enabled destinations. You can determine whether a destination is RampID enabled when you activate the destination account by looking for "RampID" in the Identifier Settings section of the configuration page. Contact your LiveRamp account representative if you have additional questions on which destinations are RampID enabled.