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Direct-to-Platform Destination Integrations

For certain destinations and integrations, LiveRamp has a Direct-to-Platform integration (FKA "PII Passthrough") where we pass through hashed PII in a privacy-safe and compliant manner without performing matching (or any leveraging of our Identity Graph) on our end. For destinations that are based on hashed PII, this allows the destination to match the hashed PII to their universe of users.

For some integrations, you can send us either plaintext or SHA-256-hashed PII. For other integrations, you must send plaintext PII.

For some integrations, this is the only identifier data we send. For others, Direct to Platform is used in addition to matching identifiers to the LiveRamp Identity Graph to increase match rates at the destination.

For some integrations, you might need to activate a separate destination account for Direct-to-Platform distributions.

Current Direct-to-Platform integrations include the following:


  • Some integrations require extra steps to configure Direct to Platform. Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.

  • For GCM, you can also send segments tied to RampIDs, as long as those RampIDs were generated from offline, first-party data.

When distributing segments through a Direct to Platform integration, make sure that the segments are based on PII and that the PII is formatted correctly (only sending plaintext PII or SHA-256-hashed PII, if the integration allows that).