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Splitting Large Files Before Uploading

If a file you want to upload is larger than 50 GB (uncompressed), you should split the file into smaller parts before uploading.


To minimize delays and ensure maximum performance, do not upload files that are larger than 50 GB (uncompressed). For more information, see "Recommended File Limits".

After you’ve split a larger file into smaller files, include an element such as "file-part-#” at the end of the file names to help distinguish the parts.

After you’ve named the file parts, perform any file compression or encryption on the file parts.


If you upload file parts to an audience that uses the “segment refresh” or “full refresh” update method, the last processed file part might overwrite some or all of the previous file parts. Create a Support case before you upload the file parts so that we can modify the update method accordingly to prevent any data from being overwritten. For more information on update methods, see “Ways to Update an Existing Audience”.