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Getting Your Data Into LiveRamp

After you've finalized your file for uploading, there are several methods you can use to get your data into LiveRamp:


If you have audience data in LiveRamp Connect, you can also send that data from Connect into Safe Haven. See "Distributing Data from LiveRamp Connect."

An alternative method to get data into LiveRamp is our Client Side Tag, a tag that can be placed on any cookieable website, or in any email or online advertisement. It is used to log impressions, group them into segments, and automatically import those segments into LiveRamp for processing. For more information, see LiveRamp's Client-Side Tags.


As the members of an existing Customer Profiles segment change, you might want to update that segment to remove the records for those members who you no longer want to be included in the segment. To remove records from existing segments in Customer Profiles, you can upload a "deletion" file to a location that LiveRamp sets up for you (that is different from the location you use to upload files that add users to segments). See "Removing Records from Existing Segments" for more information.

The typical onboarding workflow first involves uploading customer data (such as PII identifiers and segment data), which we then match to the anonymous, universal identifiers called RampIDs in our Identity Graph.

Once you decide which destination platforms you want to distribute your data to, we translate these RampIDs into the platform-specific identifiers (cookies, mobile device IDs, custom IDs, etc.) in our Identity Graph that are used by each platform, and then deliver the data. Once the data has been ingested at the platform, you use that platform’s UI to perform your marketing activities, such as targeting, personalization, ad suppression, etc.


Want to watch? For a brief video overview of how Onboarding works at LiveRamp, see "Onboarding Intro Video Series."


Security and privacy: To stay at the forefront of privacy best practices, we employ a team of privacy experts and actively work with major self‑regulatory privacy organizations, including the IAB, DAA, and DMA. For more information on our security practices, see "LiveRamp Data Security Overview."