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Upload a File via Your SFTP

If you have data stored in your SFTP server that you want LiveRamp to retrieve for processing, create a support case (see "Using the LiveRamp Community Portal" for instructions) and provide the information listed below:

  • Host name

  • Port

  • Username

  • The path in your SFTP server where the files are stored, if applicable

  • Earliest file date/time (if needed to have us only pull files modified after a particular date/time)

Once you've created the support case, the Support agent will work with you to determine the best way to send your SFTP server password securely.


  • Do not include SFTP server passwords in your support case.

  • For files that you have LiveRamp retrieve from your SFTP, keep in mind that we do not enforce any customer firewall rules - your team is solely responsible for maintaining your own allowlist of IP addresses for our connectors. We do not provide lists of static IP addresses and do not guarantee that the IP addresses for our connectors will not change.

  • You can perform most functions as with other SFTP connections, such as deleting files and creating or moving directories. Be sure not to delete the "/uploads" directory however.


If you’d like us to authenticate to your server using SSH keys instead of a password, add our public RSA key to your server and provide us with the username to connect with.

Make sure to include only files that you want to be retrieved by LiveRamp in the SFTP directory.


Next Steps

For offline (PII-based) data, if this is the first file you're uploading to this audience, create a support case so the support team can make sure everything ingests correctly. See 'Considerations When Uploading the First File to an Audience" for more information.