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Announcement: Record Sync Now Available for Google Customer Match and TikTok (10/17/23)

We’ve added Google Customer Match and TikTok to the list of destinations that we’ve enabled for Record Sync.

Record Sync empowers Activation/Onboarding customers to keep their US first-party data fresh, up-to-date, and relevant through the ability to propagate user deletions downstream to supported destination platforms. This enables you to maintain more accurate targeting audiences, which will improve ROI/ROAS by reaching only the right audience at the right time. For more information, see “Keep Destination Data Fresh with Record Sync”.

You will now see these additional destination account tile choices when you are activating a Google Customer Match destination account:

  • [Record Sync] Google Customer Match

  • [Record Sync] Google Customer Match - Data Append

  • [Record Sync] Google Customer Match - DV360

  • [Record Sync] Google Customer Match - DV360 - Data Append

For more information on our Google Customer Match destination options, see “Google Customer Match”.

For TikTok, you will now see a “[Record Sync] TikTok - Data Onboarding” destination account option. For more information, see "TikTok".

To take advantage of the benefits of Record Sync for your US first-party data at these destinations, activate the appropriate destination account and then add segments to distribution.


Record Sync is only available through these destinations for new distributions. To enable Record Sync for an existing distribution to one of these destinations, activate a new Record Sync destination account and add the same segments to distribution. We are not able to migrate existing distributions to a Record Sync destination for these destinations.