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Distribute First-Party Data to Google

First-party data can be distributed to Google through three destination options, depending on which properties you want to use the data on and on your Google account type. See the table and sections below for more information on distributing to Google through these destination options and the integrations available within each option.

Before you activate the appropriate Google first-party destination account, the appropriate LiveRamp account ID must be mapped to your Google account. This gives LiveRamp access to deliver data to your Google account. See the instructions in 'Providing Access to LiveRamp" below for more information.


If you have trouble finding your Google account ID, see Google's instructions for Google Customer Match or for DV360.

Providing Access to LiveRamp

For all first-party data distributions to Google, LiveRamp must have access to deliver data to your Google account before you can distribute to their platform. This involves mapping the appropriate LiveRamp account ID to your Google account.

This process varies, depending on which Google destination you're activating. See the articles in this section for more information:


  • What about Data Marketplace data? If you are a data seller distributing data via a Google Data Marketplace destination account, no mapping is required.

  • When providing access for regions outside of the US, EU, or Australia, you should use one of your owned accounts that has US or EU billing. If you don't own an appropriate account, contact your LiveRamp representative.

  • Multiple distributions: If you want to distribute to both a GCM distribution and a DV360 or Google Ad Manager destination, you need to have both accounts mapped to your account.

  • After providing access and distributing your data, if you notice your deliveries have not initiated, check that these permissions have been added to your Google account before creating a support case.