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Distribute Data to Google Ad Manager

Use the Google Ad Manager destination for first-party data distributions to target users on non-Google-owned properties on the supply or sell side of Google (such as DV360) with your Google Ad Manager account.

Before you activate a Google Ad Manager destination account, the appropriate LiveRamp account ID must be mapped to your Google account. This gives LiveRamp access to deliver data to your Google account. See the instructions in 'Providing Access to LiveRamp" below for more information.

Available Integrations

Two integration options are available for Google Ad Manager:

  • For US customers, a Record Sync-enabled integration, which keeps your data fresh at the destination by enabling data refreshes to utilize user deletions (see "Keep Destination Data Fresh with Record Sync" for more information).

  • An integration that isn't enabled for Record Sync.



Want to distribute CTV IDs? LiveRamp also enables the distribution of CTV IDs (IFAs) through our Google Ad Manager - Premium Integration, via use of the "Platform ID" identifier option in the destination account. Contact your LiveRamp representative if you need to enable this option.

Providing Access to LiveRamp

For all first-party data distributions to Google, LiveRamp must have access to deliver data to your Google account before you can distribute to their platform. This involves mapping the appropriate LiveRamp account ID to your Google account.

Before activating a Google Ad Manager destination account, contact your Google account representative and have them map the LiveRamp DMP account 750-013-0530 to your Google Ad Manager account.

Once your Google account representative has confirmed that the mapping process is complete, activate the appropriate destination account.


  • When providing access for regions outside of the US, EU, or Australia, you should use one of your owned accounts that has US or EU billing. If you don't own an appropriate account, contact your LiveRamp representative.

  • How long does the mapping process take? You will not be able to complete the activation process for a Display & Video 360 or Google Ad Manager destination account until this mapping has been completed. It sometimes takes a while for Google to process the mapping, so you might need to wait a day or so before successfully activating the destination account.

  • After providing access and distributing your data, if you notice your deliveries have not initiated, check that the mapping has been successfully performed before creating a support case.